8/1/2022:  We are pleased to announce our new President, Todd Graf.  Todd comes to us with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and engineering, most recently as president of ClimateMaster, a producer of residential heating and cooling solutions, where he led improvements in safety, quality and profitability over the span of six years.

08/05/2021:  Railcar terminal customer case study and results after installing the Propane Miser.  “After using the Propane Miser, our shrink has gone to near zero, and we get to sell this additional propane for market price which is a few hundred thousand additional dollars per year directly to the bottom line.”

3/31/2021:  The Corken E91 is the only fully UL certified reciprocating gas compressor system engineered to define the rigorous safety and performance standards of indoor use within the plant oil extraction industry.

03/09/2021:  Engineering Bulletin 11, Improvement to equalization tube on vertical compressors including D and T91 models.

02/15/2021:  Meet the Corken Propane Miser Team in our latest video who explain the savings that propane railcar offloading operations realize using the Propane Miser.

10/28/2020: Corken’s new Customer Service Claim platform automates the service claim process for customers.

09/11/2020: Corken’s Factory Service Center now available to service and rebuild aging pumps and compressors and back them with a refreshed 1-year warranty.  Video

08/28/2020: The NEW Corken PROPANE MISER is now available to order!

08/28/2020: The NEW Railcar Offloading Business Opti-MISER provides terminal operators a convenient calculator to estimate the annual or lifetime savings using PROPANE MISER.

05/26/2020: Learn How to Install a Hydraulic Drive on a Z-Series Sliding Vane Pump


The world's first propane unloading compressor system designed to fully evacuate propane from railcars, saving up to $3.5M over the lifetime of a system.

The New E-91

The leading, fully UL certified compressor system for Plant Oil Extraction Industry.