Sales Bulletins

Bulletin Description Download
280 Electric Motor Dual Supply PDF
279 Flange Dimensions for the Z4200 Transport Pump Have Changed PDF
278 New Bearing Carrier Design for All Compressors PDF
277 New Factory Service Center PDF
276 Enhancements for the Z4200 Truck Pump PDF
275 Extended Crankshaft is Now Standard on all Model 91 Compressors PDF
274 Updated Direct Mount Frame PDF
273 New Packaging Procedure for Kits and Gasket Sets PDF
272 New 3 HP Motor for Turbine Pumps PDF
271 New VFD (4204-6X1) for Model 16 Turbine Pumps PDF
269 New Mechanical Seal Installation Tool Kit for Sliding Vane Pumps (English) PDF
269 New Mechanical Seal Installation Tool Kit for Sliding Vane Pumps (Spanish) PDF
268 PEEK Valves Standard on All Compressors PDF
267 New Paint Process PDF
266 Bypass Valves: New Repair Kits PDF
265 Compressors: Material Update for Valve Plates PDF
264 Pumps: New 1 Hp Motor Available With C-Model Pumps PDF
263 Pumps: New Silicon Carbide Seal Seat Material PDF
262 Maintenance Made Easy with New Quick Response (QR) Codes PDF
261 C-Model Regenerative Turbine Pumps – New Seal Seat Material & Warranty PDF
259 New Order Process for All C-Models & Switch Boxes PDF
258 High Capacity Six-Blade Conversion Kits PDF
257 Four-Way Valve for 107 Compressor Mountings PDF
256 Flanged 891 Compressor PDF
255 Z3200 Truck Pump Enhancements PDF
254 Full Rebuild Kits for All Z-Series Pumps PDF
252 Blade Design for Z4200 and Z4500 Sliding Vane Pumps PDF
251 Electric Motor Change for Regenerative Turbine Pumps PDF
250 ANSI Flange Kits for Sliding Vane Pumps PDF
249 ASME B31.3 Piping Option PDF
248 Mobile Coro-Flo package PDF
197 Inventory Adjustment Program (Parts) PDF