LCR.iQ® Software Upgrades


  • Download both the latest SR1000 and BR1000 software above.
  • On a USB drive, create a new folder called “Import”.
  • Save both software files in the “Import” folder you just created on the USB drive.


  • Ensure paper is in the printer and printer is properly installed and ready to print.
  • Cut the calibration seal wire (if applicable) and loosen the calibration screw using a 7/16 wrench until the calibration ticket begins to print automatically. (If no ticket printer is installed, the LCR.iQ will display the main menu once the calibration screw activates calibration mode.)
  • Using a 3/16” allen wrench, remove the four screws in the outer corners of the front cover of the register and swing the door to the left to open the register.

3.  SAVE THE CURRENT CONFIGURATION: >This saves the current settings on the register and allows you to reload the settings at the end of the upgrade process.

  • Insert the USB drive used to save the new files in Step 1 into the USB slot on the register.
  • Go to the Main Menu > Setup Menu > Security and press Software Update.

​          Tip:  Be sure to keep the calibration ticket that prints out in a safe place for the final step of this process. 

  • Select Save Configuration on the Software Update page.
  • On the Save Configuration page, select File Name then enter the desired name for this configuration.  Then press OK button on the keypad.

          Tip:  Default Destination should be “USB” and Configuration Style should be “UNIT”

  • Upon returning to the Save Configuration page, click Save. When you see “The Configuration was successfully saved”, Click OK, then Close to return to the Software Update page.


  • On the Software Update page, select Load files from USB.  When successfully loaded, you will see a confirmation screen saying “File Load was successful”.  Click “OK”, and you will return to the Software Update Page.
  • On the Software Update Page, select Install SR1000 Firmware.
    • Select the BR 1000 Software 
    • If “Digital Signature successfully verified…” appears, click OK.
    • When “Are you sure you want to install…” appears, click Yes.
    • The register will install the software then reboot.  When “Maintenance Mode POWER DOWN FOR 30s” appears, you may power of the register for 30 seconds or the register will power cycle on its own within 30 seconds of displaying this message.
    • Upon rebooting it will display “The Main Processor firmware was loaded successfully”, then click OK.
  • On Software Update Page, select Install Main Processor Firmware again.
    • This time select SR1000 Software
    • Follow the same process as described just above in 2.b.ii – 2.b.iv
    • Once the unit reboots you will see a screen that shows SYSTEM ALERT. The Memory is corrupt…Perform a CLEAR ALL… (this is normal for this process)  Press OK
    • Select CLEAR ALL from the list and press OK
    • The register will then ask are you sure you want to Clear All settings….  Press YES
    • The register will tell you there is an update to SR1010 software available for your unit… would you like to install this update now?  Press YES.  The screen will show you that is it upgrading the I/O board Firmware.  Wait for it to complete (100%)
    • Once the SR1010 software is applied, the SUCCESS screen will display and say that the I/O board software was loaded successfully…. Press OK
  • If you are asked: “New LCR.iQ Software is detected, would you like to install it?” (“Yes” is highly recommended for most users.)  Click YES.  Once completed it will confirm “The I/O board firmware was loaded successfully.” Click OK.
  • When you get the following message: “If your LCR.iQ is setup with SENSEiQ boards, please be sure to access the first I/O setup Screen and enter the number of SENSEiQ boards installed.  This will complete the software upgrade for any installed SENSEiQ boards.” Click OK.  You will perform this activity last if applicable.


  • Navigate to the Security screen:  Main Menu > Setup Menu > Security then press Software Update on the bottom of screen.
  • Select Load Configuration on the Software Update page.
  • Be sure Perform Clear All First is marked “Yes”.
  • Select File Name, then scroll down to the previously saved file name.  Click OK, then Load.
  • The unit will display “The Configuration was successfully loaded!” Click OK, then Close.


  • Referencing the calibration ticket in step 1, locate “PULSES/[unit of measure]”.
  • Navigate to Main Menu > Setup Menu > Calibration
    • Select “Pulses/[unit of measure]”
    • Enter in the value indicated on your calibration ticket
  • Confirm or Set your flow direction
  • Navigate to Main Menu > Setup Menu > Meter > Flow Direction
    • Confirm your flow direction located on the ticket (ç or è) and select the appropriate setting on the register.

7. SETUP SENSEiQ EXPANSION BOARDS (Only if SENSEiQ expansion boards are installed)

  • Navigate to Main Menu > Setup Menu > I/O Setup
    • Select “Number of SENSEiQ Boards”
    • Enter the number of expansion boards installed

8.  PERFORMING A REGISTER FIELD “Clear All”  *Only required if indicated by the register in step 3 AND if you did not “Load a Saved Configuration” above.

  • Go to Main Menu>Setup Menu>Security>Reset Register fields then Select “Clear All
  • Are you sure?” – click “Yes